The Neacoxie Creek barn was built in 1890 as the livery stable for the first Hotel Gearhart, and is the last surviving structure of the original commercial development known as Gearhart Park. The stable was built just to the west of the Hotel and served as the anchor for the early town and helped make Gearhart a destination resort for adventuring Portlanders. This gable style barn housed up to 40 horses and even housed it's own horse and wagon "taxi" service for guests ending their railway trip from town.

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After the first hotel burned down in 1913 the Barn became the home of the Nichols Riding Academy, operated by John Nichols who was known as an elegant equestrian and he started a steeple chase race along the beach that came to be the "close of the season event" for both residents and visitors alike. This became celebrated as a festive occasion and in its heyday - as many as 30 horses and riders trained for the race at any one time.
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During World War II the stable also housed what was called the "Pony Patrol", a well trained team of horses and riders which patrolled the beach during the war years to protect against attack. The Neacoxie Creek barn is an iconic symbol for Gearhart's early history and a classic gathering place for community and family fun.