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My very wise grandmother purchased a postage stamp sized home in Gearhart in 1961. For the Cooney and Smith family the beach was heaven on earth and every day held a new adventure. Every day we fished, or crabbed at the estuary until we reached our limit — some weeks we caught so many crab we "had" to feed it to our cat. We explored the dunes with our dogs, flew kites, played poker or to-the-death sessions of monopoly, read books on the beach, and fell into our beds at night with the sand in the sheets and sun kissed smiles on our faces.


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The little cabin in Gearhart saved our lives offering peace and fun after a tough divorce and illness for our English teacher single mom. This summer alternative to our city life imbedded in our family a lifelong love of nature, the sea, and "taking time to be" deeply into the rest of our lives.


In 2007 the barn was purchased and saved for long term community enjoyment and preservation after a potential endeavor to demolish it was abandoned. The site and structure is being added to the register of history places. We are happy to share it with you. We appreciate any donations, and truly love your suggestions for barn ideas, community gatherings, or new events that you would like to see hosted here in our lovely town town.

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Shannon Maureen Smith
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